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Place, bound

Semper’s roof, is becoming a protecting canvas.

The roof is the first element of survival. Stric minimum allowing to take shelter, on live «under a roof». Representation of the space between our body and the potentially hostile outside, it symbolizes the shelter.
More than just a barricade as would be the roof of a house, the tent roof is a zone of interpenetration of experiences.
Under a roof tight by the wind, in between air and sky, under a roof attached to the ground by tension points, in an inside crossed by the outside, in an interior open to the world : it’s the time for meditation and contemplation. 

I designed kind of a sail, a tent: light, resistant and adaptable according to the needs and to the terrain on which we are.
I realized a technical weaving piece. An element that offers different points of attachment and structural lines for a modular roof.It is a junction piece, which allows to assemble two fabrics without sewing, thanks to the heat.
Woven at one time, it is a technique developed specifically for this use, both in the materials used and in the structure of the weaving itself. The strap has two openings on the sides to slide pieces of fabric. In the center, all along the weaving, runs an accessible pocket in which we can slip arches or ropes that acts as structure. Finally, integrated hooks punctuate the straps offering points of tension.

Colecting and analizing materials, design of a shape and of its use, inventing a new weaving technique, graphic and esthetic research.
Model making and realization of a sample scale 1 , 1,50 meters long weavings.

Photos : Garance Maurer
ENSCI-Les Ateliers, 2018

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