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Mexican residency
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Artistic research project with anthropological and archeological appearances. According to the fact that Mexican culture is today composed as a palimpsest, the idea of this residency is to put forward an actual and subjective interpretation of these regions, under the prism of local artistic and handcraft creation. The aim is to proceed to meetings around materials and matters, to compose hybridations of techniques and elements, and to design objects where the interpretation layers overlap just like this «mestiza» culture.

The collection of pieces presented at the final restitution at the Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City is the materialisation of all these encounters, places and materials that I lived, went through and discovered during these three months. The journey was rich and prolific, instructive and magical. Each time, when I arrived in a new city, I didn’t knew what was about to happen or which pieces we were going to create. Though, I had elaborated a protocol inspired by ethnographic design composed by observation phases and visits to workshops, communuties and archeological or natural sites. Many times, the collaboration with abthropologists allowed me to understand the context and local issues. After this fieldwork phase, the co-creation moment arrives.
Therefore, in the different states of the country, I could collaborate with textile craftsmen (weavers, embroiders, sewers, dyers, ...) but also with basket makers, ceramists, engravers and visual artists. I also worked with contemporary artists, designers, anthropologists, students and scientists. I worked and exhibited in regional museums, art or archeological museums, in art institutions, in a FabLab and in a library. I documented and took advantage of all this diversity to offer my vision of a multiple and colorful Mexico, a mélange of stories and histories, of traditions and innovation.

The collaboration as heart of the project, I weaved stories and materials.
Accidents, reliefs, accents : to let oneself be drawn by the pasionate rythme of the journey in order to create in an instinctive way, without seeking final objects but rather deploying the creative process.
Directions, weft, warp, knits and maps: to build analogies between handcraft techniques, ways of living and precolombian cosmologies.
Movements, capes and interweavings : to take root in the transitory with relashionships and nature as an anchor.

• Exhibition at the Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City (from June 12 to July 12, 2019) 

Conference with  anthopologist doctor Patricia Tovar at the opening of the exhibition (9'20): 

Textile itinerant residency in Mexico during 3 months : 
7 cities, 10 days each time, with the French Alliance of :
Toluca, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mérida, Querétaro, San Luis Potosi, Saltillo and Ciudad de México. 

Photo credits : Garance Maurer

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