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100% Linen - stool

This reversible stool, offers a soft side for seating and a flat side that invites to be used as a small table or a platter. Its different part were the opportunity to work with linen in its different shapes : velvet or quilted weavings for the softness and new apparencies, flat graphical weavings, waterproof. But also solid : the leftovers from the weaving, cutted in small pieces and mixed with epoxy resine, were moulded to shape the part hosting the seat/platter.

Specifically thaught for the terrasse or the garden space: the stool is nomade, easily stored and can adapte to different activities. The modularity adds to the ethical aspect of the object: not far from a «zero waste» textile conception, a modular system allowing to change, clean and fix up the parts if damaged.

Prototype of the textiles and the assemblage pieces.
Poject in collaboration with Gaëtan Brochier, designer and the French Linen Federation

Photos: Garance Maurer
ENSCI -Les Ateliers, 2016