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À l’échelle - furniture design

Échelle can be understand as scale and ladder.

For the competition Vitrine pour un.e designer, in collaboration with the French company La Redoute Intérieurs, I propose a modular piece of furniture that can take the functions and forms of claustras or shelves, declining according to needs thanks to a construction system inspired by light habitats in a local and eco-responsible logic. My research work around the habitat is the basis of the research engaged for this project.

Through knots, through simple and clever assemblies between wood and ropes, the object reaches an industrial scale. All along the project, eco- design principles guides the research, engaging vegetal materials only: wood and European linen.

By working on the principle of assemblage rather than on a pre-established shape, we favor responsible production. The pieces offered in kit form can be assembled and disassembled to adapt to the dimensions and needs of a contemporary home, that is to say evolving and increasingly mobile. The ropes are interchangeable and give character to the furniture.

The action of building one’s home through simple gestures, here by knotting ropes to assemble a piece of furniture, could then bring us closer to a certain essence of «living».
The module with pure lines multiplies like a pattern, alternating flexibility and rigidity.
It comes to punctuate our interiors to offer us sometimes a screen and sometimes a shelf with variable dimensions.

This piece is a manifesto for a local and reasoned production. The wood is European too (produced and manufactured in Baltic countries). To understand linen, I went to meet linen farmers and dyers in Ile-de-France. I carefully chose the actors who work it. The ropes are made in France, in Cholet. The blue color comes from Indigo plant, organically produced in Provence. The fabric was woven in Belgium from European and French linen. 

Flax and wooden furniture
- 1 shelves version, 1 claustra version - 4 modules.
With La Redoute Intérieurs 

Partenaires : Société Choletaise de Fabrication (SCF)
Thanks to : Olivier Verrièle (SCF), Manon et Simon Deletain du teillage de lin De Vogèle, the team of Vitrine pour un.e designer and François Azambourg.

Research :