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In a highly connected society where the objects that surround us never stop communicating, the possibilities that these new technologies offer us seem limitless. However, these changes aren’t priceless. Invisible to the eyes, though real, the electromagnetic radiations produced by our devices pollute
our direct environment. Omnipresent and suspected to cause many illnesses (stress, insomnia, child development perturbations,…) a sensitization about their existence is needed.
Météore is a cloth which aim is to materialize the hyperfrequencies generated by different objects such as mobile phones, radios, Wifi, Bluetooth, microwaves, … It is not a matter of stopping these radiations, but only to make them noticeable in order to realize that they surround us in our daily life.
This way, when wearing Météore, these radiations are collected by a sensor that analyzes their nature and strength to transcribe their intensity real time. They’re materialized by vibrations and colored lights which animate the fabric.
This headdress interacts with its environment and appears like a cocoon for the one who wears it. Between camouflage, hideout, and metamorphosis, this experience plunges us in a changing climatic atmosphere. When vibrations and light blurs the fabric and changes it into something impalpable, the ethnic and animal aspect of the cap invites us to return to the materiality of things. These reactions evoking first instincts encourage us to moderate our use of these technologies.

METEORE from Garance Maurer on Vimeo.

Technical informations :
Custom-made coton-polyamide velvet weaving + Teensy RGB LED controller circuit and battery are integrated with a vibrator circuit + miniature radiation sensor.
Photos, video : Véronique Huyghe, Mario Simon, Garance Maurer
ENSCI-Les Atelies x Huawei company, 2015