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Fog Harvest workshop at Climate Care Festival, Floating -U-n-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y-

“ Climate Care is a festival engaged with theory and practice at the intersection of climate challenges, ethics of care and environmental humanities. Emerging from weathering the conditions of its site – Floating -U-n-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y-, a rainwater retention basin in Berlin – the programme is a result of in-depth cohabitation with the constructed water infrastructure, its human culture and its multi-species overlays. 

Climate Care: The Rewilding Years is a first impulse to bring into public debate what the city of Berlin can learn from different rewilding practices, be they social, technical, ecological, artistic or political. The festival will look critically at the notion of “rewilding” by questioning the biological and ethical implications of this action on micro and macro scales. Through these different notions of rewilding, we come to need complex definitions: intertwined and entangled terms that can hold more than one, perhaps even contradictory ideas. As we work to repair our relationships to nature, the environment, and cultures defined as foreign to us, we first require a carrier bag to hold these together. ”

“ Join this workshop to build a fog catcher atop the Rain Palace at the Floating University. The water stored here is that of the sky, that which is present in the atmosphere. Inspired by the fog catchers of Chilean physicist Carlos Espinoza, the installation will allow the water that makes up our Berlin sky to be caught, stored, filtered and eventually drunk by the site’s users. Fog catchers, particularly those adapted to desert, coastal and mountainous areas, collect water from the atmosphere by condensing it along a mesh net suspended on frames that respond to varying temperatures. Lightweight and low-tech, but intelligent nonetheless, this fog-catcher will be built collectively by sharing techniques and visions for foggy futures. ”

September 2021
Many thanks to : The whole Floating family : Gilly Karjevsky & Rosario Talevi,  Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Eliza Chojnacka, Hannah Lu Verse, Lorène Blanche Goesele, Carmen Staiano,  Felix Wierschbitzki, Maddalena Pornaro, Serena Abbondanza, Johan Kirsimäe, Teresa Huppertz, Lorenz Kuschnig, Katherine Ball, TDD, Sarah Bovelett, ...
+ many many thanks to the volunteers, the fog curious, the builders and the climbers : Nina, Yasmin, Javiera, Juan, Diego, Laura, Evey, Sandy, Cora, Paula, Matthias, Chrisophe, Stanislas, Andrew, Pascal, ... 
Photos: Floating Berlin, Constanze Flamme, Garance Maurer ©