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Emotions, in motion

How do objects move around and what do they contain ?
How does an object travels through time and space and how does that touches us ?
How does those movements reflects us as person and society and which (hi)story does that tell ?

This thesis is to be read as an exploration where the objects and the relation that we built with them, are open doors to a large variety of matters. An exploration that I made into many different kind of references, from ethnology and anthropology to philosophy passing by art and design, poetry and cinema, literature and radio podcasts. To the main theoretical development a more personal approach is added (interviews, personals thoughts, visual experiments, …).

This research is built in two major parts :  movements of objects into time and movement of objects into space.

Master thesis, 6 months, 2017-2018
A 300 pages research book written, composed and binded by myself.
Under the direction of the author Hadrien Laroche.