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In situ, water systems

Designers and landscapers, invest the city of Blois during the Biennial Nature and Landscape on the theme of Water.

How to challenge passersby on the issues of rainwater? How to capture, store and deviate rainwater in the city? In which circuits make it pass before it reaches the sewage system?

# 1 Rhythms
In a sloping street of Blois, we imagined two installations that interrogate and highlight the circulation of water in the city. They answer each other by their different rhythms. One playful and fast, the other slow and contemplative. Between water recuperator and gutter diversions, we give the rainwater some extra steps before it reaches the public sewage network. We showed residents as well as local representative members that this water could be widely exploited instead of flowing directly into the sewers.

# 6 Urban waterfall
In this site facing the castle, we wanted to create a visual and musical event, drawing the suspended detour of rainwater during its course. A drip tray holds rainwater, which usually flows down the wall before entering the ground or sewers. Here, a cascade of gutters takes it to small ruins from the bottom of the wall to 5 meters down. Drip or jets, the device makes resonate this course usually invisible and silent.



Novembre 2017 - March 2018
#1 Camille Jégo, Quentin Le Manac’h, Aurélien Martin, Matthieu Portier et Liane Santuco (Team Rythmes)
#6 Camille Jego, Gaspard Bégué, Florian Bonny, Victor Bourdet, Tiphaine de la Forest d’Armaille et Quentin Ponthoreau  (Team Cascade urbaine) 

Animated by Atelier de l’Ours
Photos: Atelier de l’Ours,  “Rythmes” and “Cascade urbaine” teams, Garance Maurer ©