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Place, bound

The mound turns into a carpet.

To place a textile on the ground, unfold it and by this gesture, mark a delineated space.
It could be a tablecloth, a towel at the beach or a carpet in the nature, the act of moving a piece of fabric and to install it where we are illustrate the origianl nomadic aspect of carpets.
Therefore the carpet is bound to the tent in its mobile characteristic.
By this gesture, the space which we make our own tempoparly changes status, it becomes private. This displacement is allowed by the level change.

I designed a carpet that presents three types of materials according to the different spaces and activities that can be found in a habitat. I developed a threshold, a central part and a comfortable part that surrounds the whole.

The threshold is materialized by the rope. I am inspired by marine knots. The plait is the second area of the rug. I think a flat surface to accommodate the heart of the habitat. Natural and synthetic materials interlock here. By alternating the size of the foam cylinders, as well as their density, I seek maximum ergonomics for the seat. The colourful variations symbolize the radiation of an activity turned towards the centre of the carpet, a privileged space of gathering.

Development of a unique weave composed by 3 different qualities and integrating other kind of materials usually not used on looms. Colour research by dying and conception of a colour range for the weft Production of a 3 meters long sample, a carpet portion to demonstrate the principle and to develop the techniques. Model scales 1/10 and sketches. 

Photos : Garance Maurer
ENSCI-Les Ateliers, 2018

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